I was right last evening when I said it looks like more snow was accumulating than forecasted.  Resort Totals page is updated as of 6 a.m. reports and the resorts are reporting anywhere from 5-25 inches.  The snow showers really came down hard on the Western crest where the resorts reported 14-25 inches in the past 24 hours.

The Resort Totals page also has all the numbers for the week, the month, and the season. As you can see a lot of the resorts have come close to doubling in March the snowfall they had prior to March. Almost all the resorts broke 100 inches for the month and a few broke 100 inches in just the past 8 days. It has been snowing now for a week straight. Averaged together the resorts are now up to 59% of their seasonal averages. Still waiting on the “official” numer from the snow lab.

It can be hard to get accurate resort numbers as they all have different methods of reporting. Their definitions of “storm total” can be completely different as some go back a few days and some a week. I think my method is the most consistent as I record the 24 hour total for each resort every morning at 6 a.m. and add those numbers for the weekly and monthly totals. The 24 hour and season totals come straight from the resort’s websites. All the numbers are for the measurements on the top of the mountains.

At lake level the Reader Reports are still coming in but as of last night we had anywhere from 1-3 feet in the past week, with the highest amounts at elevations of 7000 ft. or higher.

The snow showers have ended this morning and today we should see some sun and it’s a great powder day for the locals. See the last post from last night for the forecast for the next 2 weeks. BA

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