The only resort we have left for reports now is Squaw. They are reporting a storm total this morning of 20 inches up top and 13 at the base. That’s another 9-14 inches in the past 24 hours, way more than any model was showing. Sugar Bowl is showing 12″ this morning for 24 hrs but they didn’t report yesterday morning & Kirkwood tweeted 12″ this morning.

Snow is set to arrive tonight and last through Wed morning as two more waves ridging the jetstream will hit CA tonight and again tomorrow night. We should see 2-4 inches at lake level tonight, maybe an inch tomorrow with temps above freezing, and 1-3 Tuesday night. Storm total of 4-8 inches at lake level by Wed. morning.

Above 7000 ft. temps will stay below freezing. We should see 4-8 inches tonight, 2-4 inches Tuesday, and 2-4 inches Tuesday night. Storm total of 8-16 inches above 7000 ft. by Wed. morning. Along the crest add an inch or two for each period for a storm total of 12-20 inches by Wed. morning. Don’t be surprised if someplace above 8000 ft. on the crest hits 2 feet, maybe Squaw. Three day totals Sun-Tues above 7000 ft. should be 2-3+ feet.

Snow should taper off on Wednesday as the main low shifts East and the low begins to kick East. Temps will finally break freezing on the mountains and into the 40′s at lake level. More on the long-range in the post below. Isn’t this fun? BA

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