Take a look at the resort totals tab. Cold front blasted through yesterday evening dropping over a foot of snow on the mountains. As the main low moved towards the coast overnight it caused bands of snow to move up from the South targeting some places more than other with additional snowfall. Resorts on the North end of the lake received 12-18 inches depending on who was in a good snow band. Resorts East of the crest did just as good as the resorts on the crest. The resorts South of the lake got hit hardest as expected. Sierra at Tahoe was the winner with 25 inches so far. Here on the North shore of the lake I have picked up 8 inches so far.

Main low will move onshore this morning continuing the snow bands coming up from the South. Could get another 3-6 inches here on the North end of the lake with 6-9 inches on the South end before all snow showers end by this evening.

Next storm is set to move in Tuesday into Wednesday. This storm will hit in two pieces. The cold front will hit first like this storm with the main low hitting on Wednesday. Differences are that this storm is much colder and the main low will come across Tahoe instead of to our South. Even though the storm is weaker than this one, with the colder air and longer duration I am expecting similar snow totals.

Another stronger and colder storm is set to move in bringing another foot plus on Friday into Saturday. Stormy pattern looks to continue into the second week of March. BA

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