Update 2 p.m…..The front edge of the first wave has just reach Sacramento. It is looking like it will be here this evening. As the sun goes down and temps drop the chances will increase again for some accumulation at lake level. Could pick up several more inches above 7000 ft.

As of 9 a.m. the heavier snow showers have pushed out and the heating of the still high sun angle has the temp up to 36 degrees at lake level. Looks like only a coating of snow stuck at lake level with the most along the West Shore. There were several inches on the ground this morning above 7000 ft. but some of that is beginning to melt a little. Still watching another wave rotating in for this afternoon that could bring another period of heavier snow. Until then just some light snow showers along the crest.

As of 6 a.m. it is now snowing at lake level and the temp has dropped to 34 degrees. It is in the 20′s above 8000 ft. now. The cold front has pushed through and some nice post-frontal snow showers are firing up across the Basin. With the heating of the sun vs. the cold air these should continue to form all day.

As of 5 a.m. it is still 37 degrees at lake level with rain. It is snowing at 7000 ft. and up and accumulating. The moisture pushed over the crest around 2 a.m. and the heaviest part of the storm ahead of the cold front is moving through pretty fast. Behind the front the snow levels will drop below lake level but it now looks like the sun will be up when that happens and that the post-frontal snow showers will be what falls as snow.

It does look like there is another wave forming off the coast that will push through later today. That could bring another burst of steady snow.

Stay tuned for updates…..BA

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