Afternoon Update:

I was wrong again as a very heavy band of snow setup along I-80 and it’s accumulating in Truckee. I am not amazed that it’s snowing this late in the season but I am amazed at how cold it is and how much the snow is accumulating during the daytime at lake level. We are only 3 weeks away from the strongest sun angle.

I read in the paper today that last year was the latest peak in the runoff in over 40 years and it should be even later this year. The average high for today is 69 degrees and it’s 33 degrees outside. I will have a full May recap later this week but we were 7 degrees below average for the month. Summer will come at some point don’t worry.

From This Morning:

I was moving over the weekend and had no access to the internet and was completely out of the weather loop. Although I did know that it was snowing since I was attempting to move in the snow. Squaw picked up a foot for closing weekend so that is the third closing weekend for the resorts this spring with snowfall. There was now more snow in May than in April with with over 4 feet in May for resorts along the crest. Since my last post 5 days ago the weather has changed so let’s get up to speed.

The cut-off low that was going to stall this week off the coast and then come inland this weekend has decided not to stall. The low will move inland today and will grab some moisture off the ocean and bring us a June snowstorm. This is another cold storm with snow down to lake level. It is not uncommon for snow in June it only becomes rare for 2 months of the year July & August but it has snowed in those months as well.

The heaviest precip will fall this afternoon and evening while the sun is still up so not expecting any accumulations below 7000 ft. Although I said that with the last 2 storms and we got a few inches. The models have been underdoing the predicted precip amounts with these late season storms. Should pick up a few inches above 7000 ft. with maybe as much as 6 inches in spots along the crest.

We clear out for Thursday and Friday with some nice weather. I would like to say that’s it but we are in kind of a jam right now. The teleconnections are moving towards a ridge along the West coast and the ridge is also trying to build in from the Southwest U.S. But we have to clear out these cut-offs in order for the ridge to build in. We have one more cut-off coming down the coast on Friday. Models show it moving in over the weekend, but very slowly.

We could have unsettled weather with rain/snow showers for 3 days starting Saturday. This low is not as cold as the past couple but so snow should stay confined to above 7000 ft. The ridge will begin to build in the East Pacific by this weekend pushing the jetstream well to our North. With the ridge trying to build in to our East as well, the low is going to be slow to move by. Once it does it should open the door for the ridge to really take over and begin to bring us warmer and drier weather next week. As we go through June we should only become warmer and drier. Stay tuned…BA

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