Resort Totals updated to show another 3-11 inches yesterday bringing the storm totals to 9-21 inches. The South end of the lake got hit harder yesterday as the front began to stall and held heavier snow over the area yesterday. A report from a reader in Meyers of 16 inches at their house. North end of the lake amounts in the 5-9 inch range.

We have a break today but the next system arrives tomorrow. This one will be splitting and we may only see clouds and a few flakes. That’s ok because the next storm is set to move in Saturday night into Sunday. This storm is not a big one either but it’s cold and could bring another 3-6 inches to lake level and 6-9 inches to the mountains.

Lingering moisture from the Sunday storm and moisture ahead of the next system may keep snow showers going for Monday. Then on Tuesday a slightly stronger system looks to push in. This storm has more moisture and the potential is there for 1-2 feet of additional snow. Not much of a break Wednesday before we could see a similar storm to Tuesday’s on Thursday.

Looking at next weekend and into Christmas week it looks like the trough could dig off the coast with a slow moving low pressure pushing towards the coast. That pattern could pull in lots of moisture off the Pacific and could bring a bigger storm around the 23rd or Christmas Eve.

So to summarize, light snowfall continues into this weekend with moderate size storms next week and potentially bigger storms for week 2.

Getting a couple of emails already about to switch to opensnow/tahoe coming this week. Don’t worry the blogs will be the same as they are now and the maps, resort totals, and cams will all be on the new site, plus more features we don’t have now. I will have a post coming with all the details soon. Meanwhile get out and enjoy the new snow! BA