I know a lot of you have been praying for snow or have asked Santa for snow and it’s working. If I had to write the script I wanted to for the forecast it would be what the forecast currently is.

No changes from yesterday. We start with a quick 4-8 inches tomorrow at lake level and 8-12 inches above 7000 ft. West side of the lake. Then a break on Thursday before more light snow possible Friday from a weakening system. Then later Saturday into Sunday the models are still split but the GFS is getting wetter. We have a cold storm coming with at least several inches if not 1-2 feet of powder if the Euro verifies.

Then next week we have a couple back to back storms after a brief break Monday starting on Tuesday. These are cold storms as well and snow Tue-Fri could pile up at least a couple more feet of powder on the mountains. There is no reason that by Christmas there isn’t at least 4-5 feet of new snow on the mountains if the forecast holds for the next 10 days. Stay tuned…BA