Well the clouds and showers from the low that sat over us for almost a week are now gone. We did pick up our first very light dusting in some areas above 7000 ft. last Friday night. Now the way the pattern is evolving we will see a ridge build in and continue to grow over the next couple of weeks. That means we will warm up into the 70′s this week and then possible the 80′s again the following week. If you were sad because you thought summer was over you will get some more summer here in the second half of September.

The thought has been that with the La Nina coming on and the water off the coast warming slightly, we could have a warmer and drier than average Fall. We may even have an extended Fall, but don’t worry because the heart of winter should be cold and full of big storms.

This prolonged summer means not much to talk about weather wise for a while. I will be updating and will let you know of the first sign of a big change in the weather pattern. Until then you will have to get your fix from reports of dustings in other parts of the country. Stay tuned……BA

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