Just a quick update this evening as not much has changed and we are waiting a few days for Winter to to return. The storm for Sunday night looks like it will keep most of the precip to our North with just some light snow into Monday morning it’s looking like 1-3 inches up on the mountains, maybe 2-4 along the crest.

The next storm moving in Monday night is stronger but I’m not liking the orientation of the jet stream. Most of the heavy precip may stay to our Northwest without any really good forcing with the jet stream out of the Southwest and to our North. There will be a sharp cut-off of precip East of the crest. Right now it looks like we could see a few inches in the basin and several inches along the crest.

Then the next storm moves in around Wednesday night. This one looks like it could push the jet stream further South and the heavier precip could push into the Tahoe basin. This one has the potential to bring snow in feet.

It looks like another storm could move in coming further South the weekend of the 17th. Up along the crest it could snow most of next week although it would be light in between the two systems. The storms should progressively have more success bringing in heavier precip throughout the week. Over the next ten days several feet are definitely possible especially along the crest. Of note is that the snow levels could come up to 7000 ft. briefly with the Thursday system. Stay tuned…BA

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