Update 9 p.m.:

Final models runs right before the storm hit this evening really cut back on the amount of precip, most likely due to the speed of the storm. With what they had it would be more in the 3-6 inch range at lake level with 6-9 inches above 7000 ft. Guess we’ll see in the morning.

From this morning:

Please excuse the constant changing of the site over the next few days as I update it. Feel free to email suggestions too since you are the ones reading it.

We will get a quick refresh of the snow tonight as a fast moving but decent storm ejects in off the ocean tonight. Snow levels will drop below lake level so everyone will get snow. Going to stick with my predictions of 4-8 inches at lake level and 8-12 inches above 7000 ft. With the winds out of the South to start the snow will stick along the crest for a while before spilling into Tahoe. That should bring spots on the crest up towards the 18 inch mark.

No changes in the extended as a mild and moist flow sets up. We will have snow above 7000 ft. Thursday and Friday with decent accumulations. Rain at lake level and mild temps for the next week. It looks like the mountains, especially up top, will get quite a bit of snow now through Christmas. At lake level it will be back and forth rain to snow, but we will get shots of decent snow as cold fronts move through between storms. BA

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