I don’t want to keep repeating myself, but no changes tonight. At your house at lake level this is not a big deal until Thursday so don’t wake up Thursday morning saying what storm. It’s not a big storm by Tahoe standadards but big for the middle of April, and cold. Also, it will be windy with 30-40 mph winds, but not 100 mph winds like the last storm.

The snow should push in by Wednesday morning with this first system that has been stalled off the coast since the weekend. The heaviest snow will fall during the day Wednesday and with temps above freezing at lake level not expecting more than a few slushy inches at best. On the mountains 3-6 inches with up to 9 inches along the crest.

The stronger and colder system blasts in Thursday. The GFS is back and forth with the amount of liquid but the Euro and NAM have been consistent the past couple of days. No changes to the forecast as this second system will drop heavy snow Thursday afternoon into Thursday night with snow showers lasting through the day on Friday.

Total possible snow totals with the second system of 8-12 inches at lake level, 12-18 inches above 7000 ft. East side of the lake, 15-25 inches above 7000 ft. West side of the lake, and 20-30 inches above 8000 ft. West of the lake along the crest. Storm totals by Saturday morning on the mountains of 1-2 feet East side, 1.5-2.5 feet, and 2-3+ feet along the crest.

Now the fun of starting to count the numbers tomorrow. I’m thinking we can get the resorts to average 70% of their average annual snowfalls for the season before they close. A big feat after being at 30% at the end of February, and only 5% off of the average for a weak La Nina season.

This may be the last snow of the season for the resorts, but we may see a little more snow before the end of the month. Several of the resorts normally try to stay open well into May, but after a dismal season through the important revenue periods it looks like everyone will be closed by the 29th. That’s actually a week or two extension for some thanks to the great snow in March and now April. Let’s hope the heart of the season is much snowier next season.

Updates tomorrow….BA

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