Tuesday P.M. Update……Snow was stuck on the crest all day due to South winds which prohibited the snow from pushing into Tahoe. Another band of heavy snow coming through this evening with snow showers behind it. May be enough to hit the new totals below if it clears the crest this time. Will be interesting to see the difference in totals between the crest and East of the crest in the morning.

Most of the resorts picking up around 2 feet from storm #2 yesterday and last night. I have the totals adding up on the Resort Totals tab.

Storm #3 is already pressing up against the crest but not spilling over into Tahoe just yet. It is snowing at the resorts along the crest already. Now only expecting 3-6 inches at lake level from this storm, with 6-12 inches above 7000 ft.

Another brief break tomorrow morning before storm #4 rolls in. This storm looks to drop another 12-18 inches at lake level, with 18-24 inches above 7000 ft., and up to 30″ on the crest.

Storm #5 moves in Thursday night and lasts into Friday. This storm looks to drop similar totals as todays storm.

Looks like a break Saturday and Sunday before another storm moves in on Monday. Models have been weakening this storm a bit the past 2 days. Going into next week the models are struggling with the pattern. The MJO is headed into the Western Pacific over the next week. The NAO during the time is forecasted by most models to trend positive and the PNA contiues trending negative. That would suggest the setup for a stormy first week of February. What happens in between next week is questionable as the newer model runs want to weaken and split storms coming towards the coast. Stay tuned……BA

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