The huge cutoff low can easily be seen spinning off the coast. This storm has pulled in quite a bit of moisture especially for this time of year, and the core is just as cold as the last few storms. If this storm just pushed in today we would likely have quite a snowstorm with over a foot of snow. But, this storm is stalled off the coast today and that will allow it to warm a little.

Warmer moisture is being drawn up ahead of the low and it looks pretty impressive on radar this morning. The direction of the flow though will keep most of the precip West of the crest until the band pushes East this afternoon. As it pushes East it is forecasted to weaken so we should see some light rain this afternoon and tonight from this first band. Snow levels are now up around 8000 ft. and will stay there until the core of the low comes closer.

On Sunday it looks like the precip will back off as we wait for the main core of the low to push inland. It looks like this will happen by Sunday night and into Monday. Some of the model runs show quite a bit of moisture with the main low with falling snow levels. Snow levels could drop as low as lake level by mid-day Monday as the center of the low and coldest air move over the area. Above 8000 ft. we could see over a foot of snow with several inches down to 7000 ft. by Monday afternoon.

After that the ridge moves in closer to the Coast in the Pacific and expands North pushing the jetstream well to the North. There is another cutoff that could be an insider slide next Friday but it looks to miss us to the North and East. We should see the sun start to return on Wednesday with highs in the 60′s the second half of the week. The following week is when we could finally be back to average with highs into the 70′s. Stay tuned…BA

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