Posting late today as I got up early this morning to hit some back country riding. There is still a lot of fresh snow out there especially on the North facing slopes. We have a storm moving in quickly this evening that is going to bring more snow over the next two days.

The storm looks to be pretty much on track as the moisture plume is pushing into the area. Models have increased liquid a little this evening. The snow levels are currently around 7000 ft. and should come down close to lake level as the precip starts to fall and cools the atmosphere. Above 7000 ft. with all snow we are looking at 4-8 inches by Sunday evening and maybe even 6-10 on the crest.

At lake level up to 7000 ft. we should see 2-4 inches if it is all snow tonight into Sunday morning. Tomorrow during the day the snow levels will be around 6500-7000 ft. with temps above freezing at lake level. Most snow that falls not on the mountains and below 7000 ft. will not stick.

Tomorrow night we may have brief lull in the precip befure the main cold low in the Northeast Pacific, currently steering the moisture plume into Northern CA, pushes South into Northern CA. That will bring another round of snow into Monday with snow levels well below lake level. That could bring 4-8 inches at lake level and 8-12 inches above 7000 ft. By the time things clear out Monday night storm totals could be up to 2 feet along the crest.

A break still on tap Tues-Thurs before a series of cold storms starting Friday. The first couple of storms look to keep the heaviest precip to our North on Friday and Sunday as the ridge is a bit too far East in the Pacific. The subsequent storms look to come further South with heavier snow the 15th -20th. More on that later……BA

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