We will see clouds and periods of rain/snow showers today and tomorrow ahead of the storm moving onshore tomorrow night. Snow levels will sit around 7000 ft. and then drop quickly when the heavy precip arrives Sunday night. Above 7000 ft. 8-12 inches seems likely with up to 18 inches in spots on the crest. Below 7000 ft. and at lake level it is a little more tricky, the faster the snow level drops the more accumulation. I think they come down fairly fast so I am going to be a little more aggressive than the NWS and say 4-8 inches at lake level. Higher end for areas that start as snow.

Next week is the beginning of a major pattern shift in the Pacific that will bring us a lot of precip this month. It will be mild next week as the flow off the ocean is a warm moist flow from across the Pacific. Instead of storms coming down from the North and bringing cold air they will be riding the jetstream across the Pacific and picking up warm moisture. We will see the first shot of precip next Thursday and Friday and the snow levels look to be around 7000 ft.

The following week the core of the jetstream shifts South and we should get bombarded with storms leading up to Christmas. The main low in the Gulf of Alaska that will be directing the storms into the West Coast does have a lot of cold air associated with it. We should see the snow levels go up and down that week with each storm. It could be a rain-snow-rain-snow pattern at lake level, and impressive amounts of snow on the mountains. I don’t see anything yet in the longer term that breaks that pattern as we go towards the end of December. Stay tuned…….BA

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