Storms for Sunday-Tuesday will be coming in a couple pieces and are looking wetter by the day. Not as strong as the last few storms but we are going to start this week the same as the last several. Temps will drop on Sunday with rain and snow showers moving in. On Tuesday a stronger storm moves in with snow down to lake level. Now it looks like we could see as much as 6 inches on the mountains from this storm. Will have to watch but could be another powder day.

Changes in the long range as once again as the warm weather next weekend could be short lived again. With the PNA taking another negative dive and the NAO forecast to go back positive in about a week, there will be nothing to hold the ridge in place after next weekend. Long range models show the chance at storms rolling in to start the week again the third week of May. Not looking like a cold storm.

This is beginning to sound like a broken record. I would be amazed if this pattern can hang on past the end of May. The ridge building in each week will become stronger and eventually stay in place over the West. Looked like that was going to happen next weekend but we may have to wait another week. Stay tuned….BA

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