Update 8 PM:

Temperatures really skyrocketed today take a look here.  Looks like snow levels may have gone above 8500 ft. briefly this afternoon but now have dropped back down to around 8000 ft.  That will really cut back the snowfall accumulations for today.  Today was supposed have the highest snow levels of the week so they should come down a little overnight and a little more on Friday.  Had a report of 9 inches of heavy wet snow last night at 6600 ft. in Tahoe Donner.

With the snow levels jumping about about 1000 ft. higher than the models were showing and with the prelimary front not materializing on Friday, we will have to deal with higher snow levels through Friday.  Should continue about 1000 ft. higher than previously expected at 8000 ft. tonight and then 7500 ft. Friday.  The snowfall forecast for tonight was only for 3-6 inches but that will be limited to the highest peaks now.  The 4-8 inches for Friday above 7500 ft.

The good news is that the strong storm is still on track for Friday night and the cold front will drop snow levels well below lake level overnight.  Still expecting the forecast below Friday night on.  Over the weekend 1-2 feet at lake level, 2-3 feet above 7000 ft., and up to 4 feet along the crest.

I can feel everyone’s frustration.  We waited all season for a prolonged big snow event and now it’s raining.  We can used the water in any form though and we should make up for it over the weekend.  Hang in there…BA

From This Morning:

That is most likely what you will find out there today as the snow over the past 24 hours fell with snow levels up near 7500 ft. Resort Totals page is updated as of the 6 a.m. reports and resorts along the crest are reporting 4-16 more inches in the past 24 hours. That brings totals for the week to 30-40 inches with the 30 South end of the lake and 40 North end. Resorts East of the crest are reporting 1-6 inches in the past 24 hours bringing totals for the week to 3-8 inches with 23 at Northstar.

All of those amounts are above 7500 ft. with just rain at the bases yesterday except for Kirwood and Mt. Rose that have base elevations above 7500 ft. The precip was much lighter overnight as the moisture feeding in off the Pacific weakened. There is another wave of heavier precip pushing in this morning and we should see an even bigger push of moisture tonight. Snow levels today will stay up around 7500 ft. and then will start to fall tonight down to 7000 ft. We could see 3-6 more inches along the crest today and 4-8 more tonight. East of the crest 2-4 inches possible today and 3-6 tonight.

Then on Friday we will see heavier precip begin to move in with another wave ahead of the cold front that will bring the heaviest snow Friday night. Snow levels should continue to fall on Friday and will possibly be back down to lake level by the end of the day. Depending on how fast the snow levels come down we could pick up several inches at lake level in the afternoon. Above 7000 ft. we could see 4-8 inches with up to a foot along the crest.

Then the cold front pushes in the heaviest precip of the week Friday night with snow levels dropping well below lake level. Expecting 5-10 inches at lake level, 10-15 inches above 7000 ft., and up to 20 inches along the crest Friday night. The heavy snow continues into Saturday morning and then turns to convective snow showers that could still be heavy Saturday afternoon. Expecting to double what fell Friday night.

With the cold unstable air in place and plenty of moisture in the atmosphere we should see snow showers continue through Sunday with several more inches possible. By Monday morning we should have 3-4 more feet above 7000 ft. on top of what we have so far this morning, and up to 6 more feet in spots along the crest. Starting on Friday the snow will push further East across the basin to get the resorts on the East side of the lake in on some of the action.

There will be another wave moving in Monday which could keep the light snow showers going. Right now it looks like another trough could slowly drop in from the Northeast Pacific next week with potential for another prolonged period of snowfall the end of the week into the weekend.

Another update tonight…BA

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