Band of moisture held together a little better last night but is falling apart this morning.  Snow levels remain high but up above 8000 ft i’m guessing a few inches fell last night along the crest.

The weather through the beginning of next week is going to be beautiful, warm and dry.  That may make the big shot of cold air for the end of next week all the more shocking.  Right now it looks like a cold and snow showery pattern for the 2nd weekend of November.

Right now the next chance of a decent storm looks like it will wait until at least mid-November.  The teleconnections are not helping as the MJO is dying and the PNA is headed positive.  The El Nino conditions have slightly strengthened the past couple of weeks as the central equatorial waters have warmed due to a Kelvin wave.  That keeps us in the weak El Nino range and supports the original Winter forecast I put out.

More later….BA

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