Looks like next weeks cold front is going to stay pretty dry which is what I would expect with the jet moving more North this time of year. After a nice weekend and a Monday in the 60′s we will be hit with a cold front late in the day Tuesday. This will drop temps into the 30′s and 40′s on Wednesday.

Then we are stuck in a zonal flow so temps will only warm to seasonal averages, about in the 50′s. The storm door will also stay open into the second weekend of May. Looks like a shot at one last weak system towards the end of next weekend and then the ridge builds in. This will be when the temps take off and we finally see some real warmth for the first time this year. Temps should be up into the 70′s by the middle of the second week of May. Then you can get in some true spring backcountry if you want or hit Alpine one last time before they shut down.

I will be on the road this week but I hope to have an April recap posted and then a season recap soon. BA

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