Update 6 pm:

Storm is still sitting down near the coast and precip bands are shrinking. It has been snowing in South Lake but no further North than that. As the storm finally crosses the Sierra tonight we should see snow showers increase but mostly South of the lake. I wouldn’t expect much more than a couple of inches. I told you in my experience we get less with these cut-offs than forecasted by the models. The slightest variation in the track and the snowfall changes dramatically. Also, they can stall out like this one has done all day. They have a mind of their own. I hope we have real storms the rest of the winter.

From This Morning:

Resorts picked up another 3-6 inches around the lake in the past 24 hours bringing storm totals to 6-12 inches. Reports from lake level yesterday were 4 inches North Lake and 6 inches South Lake. Heaviest amounts were in South Lake for both the resorts and lake level, and that trend will continue today as the strongest part of the storm will come in to our South near Mammoth.

Looking at this morning’s model runs I am not as confident in the totals that are posted by the NWS in our winter weather advisory. They are calling for 6-12 inches at lake level and 12-18 inches above 7000 ft. with the heaviest amounts South Side of the lake. The storm seems to be slowing a little as it comes onshore and the moisture is staying a bit further South. Right now I am thinking for North Lake: 2-4 inches at lake level with 4-8 inches above 7000 ft. For South Lake: 3-6 inches at lake level with 6-9 inches above 7000 ft. Could see up to a foot in place along the crest especially South end of the lake. We still have to watch the storm today as waves of moisture rotate around it and come up from the South. If they come a bit further North we get more, and if they wrap back around the top just short of us we will get less. Stay tuned…..BA

I will post later today on the long term, but we have a week of quiet weather coming so no rush.

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