Snow showers continued off and on again on Saturday. The resort totals tab is updated to show the week’s totals. Resorts along the crest are reporting anywhere from 6+ to 8+ feet for the week. Snow showers today still included in the storm series so we may be able to add a few final inches in the morning. Hearing a lot of people complain about the storms not adding up to media & resort hype this week. I suggest staying tuned to this site in the NWS as we both don’t make any money by promoting more snow than will actually fall.

Next storm is already moving in by Sunday afternoon lasting into Monday. It will be a heavy wet snow. Snow levels will start near or just above lake level before falling Sunday night. Expecting 2-4 inches at lake level with 4-8 inches above 7000 ft, and 8-12 inches on the crest by Monday.

Another storm moves in by Monday night with a second wave coming in on Tuesday. Looking at an additional 3-6 inches at lake level with 6-12 inches above 7000 feet and 12-18 inches on the crest by Tuesday night.

Another storm looking to move in to the area around Friday but right now it looks weak. The first week of February looks like we may have weak storms at best as the NAO goes briefly negative and the PNA goes briefly positive. This is just putting a small delay in the next strong jetstream bringing a series of storms into CA. This looks to happen by the second week of Feb.

In a pattern like this winter with a moderate El Nino, it should continue to get stormier going into February and March. With the break in storms the middle of next week I hope to get an El Nino update posted. Stay tuned…….BA

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.” Harry Golden

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