Update 7 PM:

Reports from the resorts just before they closed of 8-13 inches.  The heaviest has moved to the East but the snow showers are firing up behind the front.  Another band of heavier precip is also pushing inland and will help to keep the snow going tonight.  Should see at least another 3-6 inches tonight on the mountains.  We’ll see in the morning…

Update 2 PM:

Cold front pushed heavy precip into the basin just before noon.  Over the last 2 hours snow levels have dropped to lake level.  It is snowing in most locations now including Truckee.  We have several hours to go here of heavy snow and then snow showers tonight.

From 6 AM:

The high temperatures for the day should be occuring early this morning as we are at 43 degrees at lake level at 6 a.m. Temperatures have been coming down all night on the mountains and the snow levels look to have dropped from 8500 to between 7000-7500 ft. overnight. The cold front is coming onshore and it will continue to move East and will blast through This afternoon. Winds are starting to really pick up ahead of the front.

We could see some snow showers start to load up along the crest later this morning and some light rain showers in the basin but the heavy precip should hold off until this afternoon.  It looks like the snow levels will drop to lake level pretty quickly this afternoon as the colder temps will be dragged down with the heavy precip.

No change to the snowfall forecast as we could see 4-8 inches of wet snow at lake level, 8-12 inches above 7000 ft., and up to 18 inches along the crest.  Temperatures will be cold tonight so any post-frontal snow showers will add a few inches of light powder on top.  Now we just have to sit back and watch what happens.

Updates later today if needed…BA

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