Storm had a bit more punch as it rolled through yesterday afternoon. Picked up 9 inches here at the house in only about a 5-6 hour period. Wrap around snow showers brought another inch overnight. Wondering what snow totals are in South Lake as they had a heavier band move through in the evening.

It is hard to get snow totals with all of the resorts closed. Squaw will still report even though they are closed because they have a NWS snow station that they use for their totals. Also, it gives them unbiased totals during the season. They were reporting 10 inches yesterday afternoon before the storm was completely done. If they picked up another inch last night that would make 5 feet of snow in the past 3 weeks which is incredible for the end of April/Beginning of May. That brings them to 550 inches for the season total.

Temps in the 40′s today go into the 50′s tomorrow and then the 60′s by the weekend. Going to be really nice by Sunday. Drop those temps 10 degrees if you are on top of a mtn. Next week still looks like a battle between the warm ridge trying to push up from the South and the storms coming in from the NW. Thinking the ridge will pretty much win out but the storms come close enough to cool us down a little.

I have the numbers for April and would have done a recap earlier if not for this storm. April was very wet/snowy with over 180% of average precip in the Tahoe Basin (the lake and areas on the South end) bringing us up to 92% of normal so far on the water year. The Truckee river basin (areas on the North end of the lake including Donner Pass & Truckee) received 214% of average precip bringing us to 100% of average so far on the water year. That is great news! Alpine Meadows reported that it was their 5th snowiest April on record since they started keeping records.

Using the Truckee airport which is the main weather station we were 6 degrees below average for the month of April temp wise with an average temperature of 35 degress. We averaged 3.2 degrees below average Dec-Apr which will continue our trend downward over the past 3 years. I updated the graph on the weather charts tab where I created a chart that follows the monthly temperature departures from average in Truckee over the past 10 years and the trend. Now averaging 1.6 degrees below average the past 10 years thanks to 26 of the last 30 months being below average. You can see the numbers yourself if you follow the link for Truckee reporting station that I put on the forecasting tools page.

We are already starting off May here on a wet foot so hopefully that continues through the summer and we can get the lake up to where it should be. Pretty amazing if you saw Mt. Shasta dam lake last year and then this year as last year it was at record lows and as of this past weekend it was almost full. Hoping the same will happen for Lake Tahoe once the snow really starts to melt. BA

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