Not much in the way of showers this far South over the weekend but temps definitely got cooler. Temps will start to warm going towards and into the weekend. Truckee could hit the 80′s over the weekend.

Looking at the ENSO discussion yesterday all 4 sectors are -1.4 to -1.9. That is holding steady in the strong La Nina category, but that isn’t official until the 3 month average holds there.

Several areas of low pressure are going to set up in the Gulf of Alaska over the next couple of weeks. This will pump a ridge up over CA starting this weekend and the rest of the month into October. It looks as if the pattern begins to shift the first week of October bringing the low pressure & jetstream further South in the Pacific. This should begin to cool us down, but may not mean any storms just yet. There is a lot of cold beginning to build in the Arctic and Canada, and it may spill into the Eastern U.S. the first week of October which would keep a block on storms hitting CA. Models are hinting at snow in the Great Lakes, which may give us preview of some of the cold we will see on the West Coast this winter. Forecast models aren’t very reliable long-range in the Fall as they try to catch onto the change in seasons, so this could change a little.

Until then it looks like we have at least 2-3 weeks of nice weather. BA

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