Ridge just off the coast is bringing sunny skies and mild temps this weekend. The only thing weather wise going on this week is a backdoor cold front from the Northeast that will lower temps back into the 20′s & 30′s on Wednesday.

I have gotten a few emails saying that long stretches of dry weather are normal here in the winter. I am aware of that but you have to understand that it is not the 2 weeks we have had with no storms that is concerning. It’s the fact that looking 2+ weeks out in the pattern I do not see any significant storms due to the pattern over the Pacific and the cold that will not stop pouring into the center and eastern part of the country.

The MJO is slowing but still on track into the Western Pacific. If it dies over the colder than average water in the Pacific it will not be a player. Without its help the forecast is no snow at least until we get into the first week of February or later. That is a dry spell of over a month. I am tracking everything and looking for any sign of a pattern change that will bring snowfall back into Tahoe. Keep your fingers crossed that the MJO follows its forecasted path so that we can get some strong storms by the end of the month. Until then enjoy the nice weather and great snowpack. Update Monday morning. Stay tuned……BA

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