We have had a lot of wind so far this Fall with these big cold fronts moving in, and that won’t change with the next one moving in tomorrow night.  Winds on the ridges will be up over 100 mph and close to 50 mph in the valleys.  That means 3-5 foot swell on the lake and big surf for lake standards.

While you wait for snow you may want to think about taking up surfing to get you through the dry spells.  It will feel a lot like Winter with this cold shot, it just won’t look like Winter.  We are only expecting a flake or two as the front moves through with the snow staying to our East and South.

I have been getting comments from people saying they think this will be a dry year.  Not sure what their proof for that is, but most signs point towards a pretty decent Winter once it starts.  It’s only Fall still, be patient.  The La Nina pattern is taking shape.  We didn’t get any snow in 07/08 until January and by February the snowpack was above average.

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