Final heavy band has pushed through and we should go over to scattered snow showers and possibly some clearing for the rest of the day. Temps have held steady all morning with the heavy snow but should come up a little as the snow tapers off.

From This Morning:

Storm was colder than expected for once as snow levels dropped to lake level pretty early last night. Resort Totals page is updated as of 6 a.m., and above 7000 ft. we got dumped on. Resorts on the North end of the lake are reporting 20-28 inches above 8000 ft. and 12-18 inches South end of the lake. That is due to the colder temps increasing the snow ratios combined with slightly higher liquid amounts than expected. We still have a bunch more snow today so some resorts will break 3 feet.

Reader Reports page has totals of 4 to 14 inches with the amounts jumping up fast with slight rises in elevation. Looking at the models this morning they still want to drop up to an inch of liquid today between 5 a.m. & 5 p.m. That should add another 10-15 inches on top of the mountains. At lake level the temps have held steady right around freezing all night but once the sun comes up the temps should come up a little so snow accumulations will be wet. Possibly another 3-6 inches today at lake level.

Snow showers may continue along the crest tonight and start up again by tomorrow afternoon as the moist flow continues into the area. For the rest of the basin we should see the snow begin to clear out by this afternoon.

We are not done yet as the jetstream remains aimed at CA as we get into the heart of this snowy 2 week period. Another colder storm is set to push in on Friday with the heaviest snow Friday night into Saturday. There is another storm behind that coming in just to our South Sunday & Monday. Friday into Saturday we could see 1-2 feet of snow on the mountains and up to a foot at lake level. Several more inches possible as we get the Northern edge of the storm Sunday & Monday. Temps will only be in the 30′s through the weekend and 20′s on the mountains.

Next week the models disagree a little on the the way the storms arrive. The Euro is consistent with the next storm pushing in for Tuesday & Wednesday, and another storm for Friday. The GFS has been playing with the idea that the trough digs so deep off the coast it forms a cut-off low that slowly pushes inland but not until Thursday. Either way the pattern remains active with more snow next week and below average temperatures. Stay tuned………..BA

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