Snowed all day yesterday until about midnight last night. Snow levels stayed around 7000 ft. all day until the last band came through around 10 p.m. last night. That made for dramatic snowfall differences above and below 7000 ft. Looks like above 7000 ft. the snowfall forecast was right on track. Watching radar echos yesterday it appears that South Lake got the brunt of the heavy snowfall. At lake level it didn’t turn to snow as early as predicted so there is only about an inch or two on the ground. The reported snow totals so far are below. Some resorts like Sierra are only reporting at the bottom which is normal when the resort is closed & no one is on top to measure. Will update with more snowfall totals as the resorts report today. I always appreciate emails of snow totals so please send them to me if you got a decent amount of snow yesterday.

Boreal 8 – 12
Heavenly 8 – 12
Squaw 3 – 10
Sierra 10
Mt. Rose 2 – 4
Sugar Bowl 5 – 8
Northstar 3 – 8

The snow guns are firing at the resorts this morning on top of the fresh snow. It will be cold all week with another weak storm to drop a few inches tomorrow night and reinforce the cold air. After that it is quiet.

We start to warm slightly this weekend as the ridge gets a little closer. Next week the ridge stays just offshore. We should get a few shots of colder air from systems to our East. One good thing is that the winds will keep up which will limit inversions at night and help to keep the snow making going top to bottom on the mountains. Interesting to watch the MJO as it has gone strong than forecast the past few days and is headed into the Western Pacific. That trend leads me to believe we will see a return of storminess Thanksgiving week. Stay tuned………BA

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