Last round of snow with the storm moved through Thursday nigh, and that was also the last round of snow for the season. Friday morning it looked like the crest had picked up 18-24 inches from the final storm, pretty impressive for the end of May. Squaw has even decided to re-open for Memorial Day weekend.

We jump right into the 60′s for the weekend and then we could finally break 70 by the end of next week. Looks like Summer is finally here and it could be a long one with La Nina building in. Remember the last two La Nina summers of 07′ & 08′ that lasted until Thanksgiving. It is common in La Nina to have hot and extended summers and then finally it gets cold and snowy in December. This year we had snow start in September and last until now, so after 9 months of winter enjoy the nice weather, we deserve it. BA

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