Been a little busy but better late than never with the May numbers. Was awakened last night by some nice thunderstorms with lightning and hail as a cold front came through. Temps today are below average in the 50′s but will slowly warm back into the 70′s by the weekend. Looking like the really hot air holds off till the end of the month.

The month of May was the wettest compared to average so far this water year. The Tahoe Basin was 134% of average for precip which brings it to 94% of average so far on the water year and 86% of average for the total water year, which ends in September. The Truckee River Basin was 129% of average for precip bringing it to 101% of average precip so far on the water year and 91% of average for the total water year. A lot of that precip was in the form of snow with lots of late season snowfall. Sugarbowl had 2 feet of fresh snow sitting at the base to start the Memorial Day weekend.

Temps were cold for May with the Truckee Airport reporting station showing 8.9 degrees below average for the month. The average temperature high and low combined was 39 degrees and the warmest it got was 66 degrees. I can’t remember a May that cold. This continues our 3 year stretch of below average temps with 27 of the last 31 months having below average temps. One of the 4 above average months was last May ironically, and then 2 were the last 2 Novembers of 07 & 08 during La Nina conditions. We have La Nina coming on now and this fall should be similar with an extended summer and warm November. Just hope it isn’t Christmas Eve again before we get our first dump like in 08′. BA

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