Looks like the heaviest precip of the next 2 days will be this morning, and it won’t even be that heavy. Resorts reported 1-3 inches on top yesterday. Some resorts are not reporting, maybe they figured it wasn’t worth it. The snow levels came down a little to around 7,000 ft.

We should see low elevation rain and high elevation snow off and on through tomorrow, but it will be light. Could see a few more inches on top of the resorts. Snow levels will come down briefly tomorrow morning to around 6500 ft. Then a warm front moves through tomorrow night.

Saturday-Tuesday will be beautiful weather with highs in the 50′s even on the mountains. This is ahead of the big low pressure trough that will set-up by the middle of next week. That should bring the return of colder and and snow for about 5 days. Right now it appears that several storms could bring several inches each, not several feet, but it could ad up.

Teleconnections are still suggesting a pattern that would ridge us up by Christmas for nice weather for the holiday. The one thing that could change that is if the MJO continues to move towards the Western Pacific. That could continue storminess through the holidays. If not the block over the North Atlantic should begin to breakdown by the end of the year making the pattern more progressive and beginning our La Nina storm season. BA

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