Update 8 PM:

Storms may have done a little better than expected in some areas. Reports of over 5 inches in South Lake. It will be interesting to see the totals in the morning.

The next storm for next Tuesday still looking interesting. The Euro blasts us with 3-4 feet. The GFS is back and forth but the latest run shows a few feet. Confidence won’t start to really increase until we get to Thursday and forward into the weekend within the 5 day window. More on next week tomorrow. BA

From This Morning:

Resorts reporting 1-3 inches as of 6 a.m. which is actually them measuring earlier than that. So we are about halfway to the forecast with the heaviest band associated with the cold front now pushing through. Snowfall forecast from yesterday still looks to be on track although it doesn’t look like anyone on the crest will reach over 6 inches.

Reports from lake level are 1-3 inches as well with 3 North Lake and 1 South Lake.

More later…

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