Update 7 PM:

Snow is beginning to push into the Tahoe Basin. Dew points are low so as the snow begins to fall snow levels will drop to lake level. No changes to the forecast. 5-10 inches at lake level, 10-15 above 7000 ft., and a few spots along the crest could reach 20 inches.

We will be up near 60 degrees at lake level Friday before a strong cold front brings snow Saturday. One of the things I love about Tahoe is seeing drastic weather changes in the Spring. Right now it looks like several inches at lake level Saturday night after the snow levels drop and a foot or more possible on the mountains.

The next system for Monday is trending further South on the models today so we may pick up a few more inches. Then the next sytem for next Wednesday is also trending further South. Not big storms but enough to bring several more inches and keep the snowpack in good shape going into April. It does still look like the ridge builds in after that for about a week.

See you in the morning when we tally up the numbers from tonight. It’s starting to come down good out there…BA

Update 11 AM:

Updated the Resort Totals and Reader Reports pages as of this morning’s reports. Some of the resorts did better than expected with the snow showers yesterday with anywhere from 1-7 inches being reported. That brings the storm total for the 2 days to 1-5 inches with 4-11 for resorts along the crest. We will keep adding on tomorrow morning.

From 6 AM:

Precip is already starting to move into Northern CA this morning and we may start to see some snow on the crest later this afternoon. Snow will push into the basin tonight into Wednesday morning. No change on the snowfall forecast from yesterday. Snow levels will hover near or just above lake level until the snow pushes in overnight, so any showers that get over the crest today and this evening could have some rain especially down in Truckee.

Don’t forget that the first thing I do when I wake up every morning is take a quick look at the new models, and then I post the snowfall forecast for each resort for the next five days at the link above on opensnow.com.  I also post a daily forecast at the same time.  It tends to be more brief and to the point, and focuses on the weather for the resorts and not lake level.  Then I post all my rants, detailed discussions, and updates on this site.

Updates later today as the storm approaches.  This never gets old!  BA

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