Update 7 PM:

No changes this evening to the snowfall forecast. Refer to the forecast below from yesterday and just subtract off today. Models are remarkably consistent on up to 5 inches of liquid for the basin by Sunday and up to 8 inches on the crest. That’s totals of up to 5 feet in the basin above 7500 ft. and up to 8 feet along the crest by Sunday.

Things will be a little boring at lake level and East of the lake until Friday with up to a couple of feet above 7500 ft. by Friday. That’s over a 3 day period though. West of the lake the snow will fall heavy tonight and then light-moderate until Friday adding up to 3-4 feet by Friday. Then we double it over the weekend. If you are skiing up on resorts West of the lake along the crest things will be fun all week on the upper half of the mountains. The winds will be blowing until Sunday though.

More in the morning…BA

Update 4 PM:

Sugarbowl just up their total for the day to 13 inches and counting. They are on the Western side of the crest where the heaviest snow will fall this week.

The storm is progressing as expected. Snow levels are still down to lake level with a sharp decrease in precip from West to East. Snow is accumulating at lake level along the West shore and along highway 89 from the lake to Truckee. Snow is falling lightly in the central basin but not sticking, and the sun is out East of Truckee on I-80.

Temps have come down this afternoon and it is below freezing at the base of Squaw and Alpine.

From This Morning:

I updated the Resort Totals page to show the 1-3 inches reported this morning as the snow started falling just before sunrise.

No changes to last night’s forecast below for now, will update this evening. Just so you know the box up top for individual resort forecasts on opensnow.com is not an ad. It’s a link to the site where I attempt to make a night and day snowfall forecast for every resort in Tahoe. I update it every morning. BA

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