Update 9 PM:

Just got back from a nice dinner with the Tahoe City Rotary.  Checked out the snow stake and we had about 3 inches of settling and melting today so down to 21 inches.  Much more melting down in town but still a lot of snow on the ground.  The final wave is just now coming into the Northwest corner of CA and should begin to push snow into Tahoe in the early morning hours.  Models have pulled  back slightly on precip now showing 2-4 inches at lake level and 4-8 above 7000 ft tomorrow.

I wanted to run through some of the storm totals so far reported this morning by readers.  Incline 6500′ – 7 inches, South Lake 6320′ – 10 inches, Meyers – 14 inches, Prosser Heights 6150′ – 15 inches, Tahoma 6400′ – 21 inches, West End of Donner Lake – 23 inches.

And the resorts up top as of this morning: Diamond Peak – 12 inches, Kirkwood – 18 inches, Mt. Rose – 20 inches, Northstar – 24 inches, Sierra At Tahoe – 24 inches, Homewood – 24 inches, Squaw – 28 inches, Sugar Bowl – 28 inches, Boreal – 28 inches, and Alpine Meadows – 36 inches.  The Northwest corner of the Basin definitely got hit hardest with less South of the lake.  That’s not going to help me win the tickets to Kirkwood as my 4 day snowfall guess was 34 inches.

And of course some people were already out making turns today.  While I spent 3 hours at the DMV this morning (only 2 people were in front of me) and the rest of the day at work in the basement, my buddy Grant Barta from tahoemountainreport.com was out with some friends on Sugar Bowl.  Here is one of the pics he sent me to rub it in, and you can see more on his site.

From This Morning:

Another 14 inches overnight here at the TWD weather station at 6750′ in TD.  That brings the storm total to 30 inches and it is getting deep, it was up to my thighs trying to walk the dog.  The settled amount at the stake is just over 2 feet.

A reader report from lower in TD this morning of 22 inches so far.  If you are sending in your reports please include your storm total because my reader reports calculation page is currently down.

The second wave is winding down and we will have a break today with only scattered snow showers and some sun before the final wave moves in tonight into Wednesday morning.  The snow showers should linger up along the crest, but I’m hoping to get view today of the mountains.  It will stay cold in the 30′s but we should see some melting today down at lake level.

The final wave will rotate in later tonight, maybe more towards Wed. morning, and will last through the day on Wednesday.  Being that it’s during the day we may have a harder time accumulating snow at lake level like yesterday.  We could see 3-6 more inches at lake level and 6-9 above 7000 ft, possibly more along the crest.  That should put most resorts on the West side of the lake in the 2-3 foot range up top, right on forecast.  We will have to total everything Thursday morning, the resorts have been slow to report totals as they are closed.

We begin to dry out and warm up Thursday and then we should be up into the 50′s with sun at lake level this weekend.  That should melt off most of the snow, but the mountains should hold onto a lot of snow up high.  Many of the ski resorts started making snow last night which will help to hold the base.

The storm pattern continues next week as large areas of low pressure continue to setup South of the Aleutians over the cold pool sending storms into the West Coast.  A weak ridge will try to keep the storms just to our North but several model runs show a storm making it into NorCal by mid-week.  This one looks like it starts with high snow levels and then lowering.  Looking at the teleconnections I don’t see any reason why the unsettled weather doesn’t continue into November.  Let’s hope so…

More this evening on the next storm for tomorrow, and more totals that come in today….BA

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