I went up on Donner Summit and took a bunch of pictures yesterday. I posted them on the Snow Pics page but for some reason when you click on the album it brings you to the home page. Anyone out there an expert on WordPress photo albums? The snow up there is above the power lines and up to the second story roofs on some houses. It’s definitely the most I’ve ever seen.

The “official” season total from the Central Sierra Snow Lab as of Monday is 567 inches (47.25 ft.) That puts us at number 11 in the past 100 years and 16 on record going back to 1879. 5 of those years had 49-50 feet, so if we can pick up 3 feet in the next two months on Donner Summit then we could be #6 in the past 100 years #11 all time. Imagine if we didn’t have the 6 week drough in Jan. & Feb.

If the ski resort records only go back 30-40 years there would only be 3 years they may have as being bigger, 82, 83, & 95. That is why many of them are reporting record breaking seasons. If you want all kinds of stats on record years, record storms, or historical stories, you should visit Mark McLaughlin’s site at thestormking.com.

The ridge is building in nicely as temps are up into the 50′s and we will be into the 60′s tomorrow and Friday. Get out and enjoy it because it is going to be quite a contrast over the weekend.

A storm is moving in on Saturday and it will bring the return of colder temps and some snow. Snow levels will start up pretty high around 8000 ft. and then fall below lake level Saturday night. The latest GFS is the most agressive with up to .75 inches of liquid and the Euro is still showing a pretty weak storm. I will go middle of the road for now and call for 3-6 inches on the mountains above 7500 ft. where it is all snow. Below that it will depend on how fast the the snow levels fall. Could pick up to an inch at lake level up to a few inches on the hills.

Temps over the weekend will cool to highs in the 30′s on the mountains and 40′s at lake level. Then the ridge builds back in the beginning of next week. This ridge is not as strong, but temps should rebound back into the 50′s.

As the pattern stays progressive we should see another storm move in to our North next Thursday bringing the chance of light snow. It will also drop the temps back into the 30′s & 40′s for the end of next week.

Models are all over the place beyond that but it looks as if we could get another brief ridge before some more cold air moves in with a chance of snow the week of the 11th. We are in a typical spring pattern over the next couple of weeks with periods of warm temps followed by shots of colder air and light snow.

The teleconnection forecasts still show the potential of a pattern change around mid-month that could lead to some stronger storms. We will have to see how much energy the jetstream still has. We definitely run the risk of the storms being cut-off storms as the jetstream weakens and shifts to the North. Stay tuned….BA

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