Light snows moved through this morning and didn’t stick at lake level with temps above freezing.  A couple of inches being reported up along the crest.  Now we have a break until the real storms start to move in Monday night.

I’m trying to hold back and stick to my no-hype philosophy.  A lot of you don’t believe it will snow until it’s falling, but don’t be caught off-guard.  Our train is finally coming and over the next 2 weeks I think the potential is there for some resorts to double what they have seen so far this season up top.  We will have to contend with higher snow levels mid-week but then snow to lake level by Friday.

I’m not the only one seeing this coming.  Here are some tweets and email quotes I have received since last night from long-range forecasters.

“You’ve heard of California Wildfires? Well we’ve got California Wildweather coming.  A seasons worth of snow, rain, wind, & mudslides.” – Joe Bastardi

“NWS discussions probably have info on March record precip/snows for the West coast. I’d expect next 5-10 days to put March 2012 in history books.” – Dr. Ryan Maue

“BA, Iam in awe of what the models are forecasting for you this week.  I know having gone thru this winter you will probably not believe it until you see it,  but I think this time it is the real deal. Heavy heavy snow, maybe one maybe two 100 inch plus weeks.” – C McDonald

These aren’t my quotes, for now I’m just going to say it looks like the biggest week or two of the season.  I do see the potential there that these other forecasters with more a lot more education and years more experience than I have see.

We have to iron out the details of the snow levels for the first half of this week and snowfall amounts.  I am working on that today and will update tonight.  Your favorite peaks from Sugar Bowl down to Kirkwood will see foot after foot of snow starting Tuesday.  The rest of us down to lake level join in by Friday.

More later….BA

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