Updated Tuesday PM:

There were a lot of high clouds around today from the storms to our North. The next few days we should see a lot more sun and mild temperatures.

There is some disagreement in the forecast models for the weekend as the Euro and Canadian models drop the cold front all the way down to Southern CA with a few inches of snow for us. The GFS drop it down to our East with not as much cold air and no precip making it in.

For next week There is some consistency on the models for a decent storm around Wednesday/Thursday as the ridge retrogrades out to the North of Hawaii. More tomorrow….

From Monday:

The cold from the weekend will be leaving tomorrow and will be replaced by mild air before a strong cold front brings the cold back this weekend.

What looks pretty definite is that cold air will return this upcoming weekend as the ridge off the coast shifts North towards the Gulf of Alaska and a trough digs down the West coast. What is looking more likely for next week is that the ridge will want to be out near 150w which opens our storm door. What we have a chance for are increased chances for storms as we go through next week. What is still uncertain is what kind of storms we will get, except for the fact they should be cold.

Confidence continues to increase in the pattern change to stormy next week and the forecast models are starting to show it more. The PNA forecast today is even more negative, the most negative since November. At this point anything the opposite of what we have seen so far this Winter is good. Dr. Dave continues to remind me of how epic the pond hockey has been this Winter.

There is a lot of cold air building in Western Canada. A week from now it could be the coldest air in the Northern hemisphere and with the positive NAO bringing ridging in the East that cold will try to come South into the West. If anything we could be going into a cold pattern over the next couple of weeks, but storms should also be involved. That’s all I have for now. Don’t put away the pontoons yet. BA

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