Trying to pinpoint the details of these storms is a little challenging. They will change a little each run of the models so we will look at them and adjust daily. It was nice to see some white this morning from the dusting of snow last night.

The precipitations is almost constant through Monday but there are several waves and each one has implications depending on the snow levels. It looks like we could start as snow even down to lake level on Wednesday and only rise to 7000 ft. at most into Wednesday night. This first piece of moisture looks very light so most likely a few inches of snow at best on the mountains. The GFS holds the precip off until Thursday.

Then it looks like another surge of moisture on Thursday with 7000 ft. snow levels. The European model shows the snow levels coming down to lake level Thursday night and the GFS keeps them up. This second wave looks like it could bring 3-6 inches above 7000 ft. by Friday morning with 6-9 inches along the crest.

Then the storm for Friday has lots of subtropical moisture and snow levels will come up to 8000 ft. maybe a bit higher as the heavy precip moves in Friday night. The latest GFS run has the snow levels a little lower. The colder air moves in by Saturday morning bringing the snow levels down to lake level. The models show a little less than this morning at 2-3 inches of liquid Friday into Saturday and the question is how much of that falls after snow levels drop. Above 8000 ft. it should be 2-3 feet of snow and below that several inches or more depending on how fast the snow levels drop.

The snow showers look like they could linger into Sunday morning before the next much colder storm arrives on Sunday. This storm looks like it could drop 1-2 feet all the way down to lake level with maybe 2-3 feet along the crest. There is another storm right behind that for later on Tuesday into Wednesday.

Through this period we will pick up significant snowfall. It will start as rain at lake level the first few days and snow up on the mountains at varying elevations. Then lots of snow even to lake level Saturday through Wednesday. Above 8000 ft. especially along the crest there will be several feet of snow. Stay tuned for updates…BA

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