Models are coming into better agreement on the Sunday-Monday storm. Latest model run this morning hasn’t changed from yesteray, it still has 6-12 inches over Tahoe where it stays all snow which would be above 7000 ft., and 12-18 inches on the crest. At lake level we will have to watch how fast the snow levels fall. They will start around 7500 ft. and then drop below lake level. It now looks like the heaviest precip falls before the sun goes down so that would lower accumulations except for grass. Right now still thinking in the 3-6 inch range with the higher amount on hills the lower amount downtown and on the lakeshore. Stay tuned as the storm gets closer…….

Next week looks cold after the storm so some good snowmaking on top of whatever does fall. Chance of some more storminess the second weekend of the month. MJO is forecast to go into the Western Pacific over the next week, but it will be weak. It will be interesting to see what kind of affect that has for mid-month. The PNA is also on track to go negative. The Arctic plunge for mid-month is still in the cards. Would be nice to see a jetstream merge with it for cold and snow. Starting to get fun….. BA

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