Colder air has been working in and snow levels have come down near 6500 ft. with snow mixing down to lake level. Great shot from the base of Sugar Bowl.


I keep being asked how much snow this would be if it were all snow and I am trying not to think about that because it would be near 100 inches. Already over 5 inches of rain being reported in Olympic Valley. Snow levels have started to come down a little this morning and are just below 7000 ft.
in some areas.

Here is an article a reader sent me from TWC on how much snow Mt. Shasta could get.


The resort totals page is updated showing 3-12 more inches being reported in the last 24 hours at the summits. Storm totals of 6-20 inches so far. This morning Kirkwood became the first resort to break the 100 inch mark for the season.

The snow levels came down close to 6500 feet around 4 a.m. as the temps dropped all night. I woke up to a quarter inch of wet snow this morning at 6700 ft. At 7000 ft. a few inches of wet snow were on the ground. The snow levels have been rising this morning and are between 7000-7500 ft.

The forecast models show colder air working in aloft today along with heavy precip so the snow levels should stay around 7000 ft. maybe a bit lower today. 1-3 feet of snow should fall on the mountains above that.

Other than that no change from yesterday’s forecast right now. Stay tuned…BA

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