Resorts on the North side of the lake did much better than anticipated with the storm, getting 12-18 inches of snow yesterday afternoon. Resorts on the South and East side of the Lake picked up 7-10 inches. The increased snowfall was due to the heavier snow coming further South and temps staying colder than expected which fluffed up the totals. Conditions today are mid January powder conditions. Resorts East of the crest have now picked up 3-4 feet this week and resorts along the crest have picked up 4-5 feet. Have picked up 20 inches here at the house so far this week which would mean 1-2 feet has fallen around the lake.

We get a brief break today before the final storm in the series moves in tomorrow. The storm is looking faster now with the jet sending the heaviest snow to our South, so precip looks to be less than was thought a few days ago. The storm will be very cold for this time of year though with snow levels around 3000 ft. This will help to bring decent snow totals out of the liquid we have to work with. Looking for 6-12 inches at lake level with 12-18 inches above 7000 ft., and up to 2 feet on the crest by the time the snow ends Monday morning. This will be very very light and fluffy snow for an amazing powder day on Monday.

It stays cold on Tuesday as we dry out. Temps begin to warm back into the 40′s the rest of the week with sun. A storm will be approaching the coast by next weekend. Models are all over the place with what happens with the storm. It could stall off the coast, stall over us, or just move right through. Either way we look to get some snow next weekend at some point. Storminess will continue into the following week. BA

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